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To mark Spark Sunderland's 5th birthday: Some old audio of Tom & me taking a whole 7 minute link to do a weather forecast.
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Happy Birthday to SparkSunderland, Sunderland's community radio station, which is 5 years old this weekend.
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{For reasons that will become obvious, bits of this entry are [redacted] in [cute square brackets] like that.}

mrs. [personal profile] ceemage has a fairly unusual first name, to the extent that she was able to get a gmail address in the highly-prized format [firstname][lastname]@gmail.com.
In other words, no need to add a sequential number, year of birth or any other of that fannying around.
Of course, as XKCD has noted, this can lead to its own problems:

Depending on the exact nature of the stray e-mails she gets, she either just ignores these or does a bit of detective work to rectify the situation.
The latest e-mail of this type is particularly puzzling:

From: Aer Lingus Customer Service <vouchers@aerlingus.com&rt;
Date: 1 September 2014 21:44:54 BST
To: [firstname][lastname]@gmail.com
Subject: Your e-voucher

Aer Lingus {logo}
Happy Birthday!
€ 100.00

Expiry Date: 01 Sep 2015 Voucher number: [redacted]

Voucher name: [firstname] [lastname]

You have received a €100.00 Aer Lingus gift voucher from Elizabeth Sullivan.

Belated Happy Birthday



Please note this is an informative email only, and replies to this email will fail.

Which is all very nice, but we have no idea who our mystery donor is.
It looks like a clear-cut case where Elizabeth Sullivan has assumed that the [firstname] [lastname] that *she* knows has the e-mail address [firstname][lastname]@gmail.com.
But she doesn't - we do.

Any suggestions for what we should do in response to this?
Really, we need to persuade Aer Lingus to go back to Elizabeth Sullivan (whom we have no contact details for, other than her name) and ask her to check/correct the e-mail address that she put in as the recipient.
Otherwise, the voucher is just going to sit there and expire, much to the distress of all parties.
(Including, to be fair, Aer Lingus, since I'm guessing a €100 voucher is usually used just a 'helper' towards an over-€100 fare that might not have been bought otherwise.)

We've tried to find a useful contact address off the Aer Lingus website but have only received automated replies so far. Perhaps understandably, this isn't covered by their (otherwise excellent) online FAQ either. We've even tried a little google-fu to see if we can find any trace online of a [firstname] [lastname] who knows an Elizabeth Sullivan, but to no avail...
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The more astute/observant of you may have noticed that my current icon doesn't look an awful lot like me. This is why.
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Changing my icon to Holiday, from Giant Space Kat's Revolution 60. We stand with Brianna & Frank.
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mrs [personal profile] ceemage has never heard the rhyme "As I was going to St. Ives..."
'Must be a Southern thing,' she opines.
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Reading a tweet from a student club at your old university about tonight's meeting, and recognising the lecture room number...
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Watching Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. I HAVE NO SHAME.
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Stevie Smith - Not Waving But Drowning. http://www.poetryfoundation.org/learning/poem/175778

"Poor chap; he always loved larking..."
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Why even social media professors are asking for "lids down."

(Hat-tip to [personal profile] supergee.)
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What do you do to celebrate the 100th edition of your weekly alternative music podcast? Why, turn it into a live show on the local community radio station, of course. TATTA #100 will be audible on Resonance 104.4 FM in London, or streaming from the station website, http://resonancefm.com, from 8 p.m. British Summer Time on Thursday 2nd Oct.
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Warning: contains naughty words. And not just "Conservative Party."
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So, there I am fiddling around on Ello (https://ello.co/ceemage, btw) and I gets to thinking; "This would be so much better if it had some of the functionality that DW and Livejournal have had for the last ten years." Which begs the obvious question...

(To be fair, I have still been an active reader here, using DW as an RSS reader for various things.)
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Isn’t being a time-travelling archaeologist, well, a bit of a cheat?

“That area of this early Bronze Age settlement looks like a midden.”

“I dunno, looks more like the communal fire area to me.”

“I’ll just check…”

(Strange whooshing noise.)


(Strange whooshing noise again)

“OK, you were right; it was a communal fire area.”

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